The naked truth about Doing the Dishes

Doing the dishes is a truly horrible task which needs completion regularly – but how does one accomplish the empty sink?

There are a lot of days I really do not want to do the dishes. Especially when I come home late, starved and tired. I have to admit that I often do not do the dishes then. I promise myself that I’ll clean the kitchen in the morning, at the latest in the evening. But I have to admit again, that I very often don’t wash the dirty plates and pans the following day. So I promise myself – and by then my boyfriend as well – that I will “finish” the task the following morning, again, at the very latest the following evening. By the next evening the dishes are filling up our sink and I am even less inclined to clean this mess up and promise myself, my partner and even my cat that I will do them “tomorrow” or at the very least the day after tomorrow. I will leave the rest of this repetition to your imagination. If you counted you, will find that I haven’t done the dishes for about four to five days by that time.

This is usually the reason why I find myself standing in front of my sink for over an hour maybe even two hours. It is an exhausting and gruesome task by then and I chide myself for not doing the dishes at least one or two days earlier.

To be frank, this dilemma is causing a strain on my relationship as well. On the one hand my partner reminds me to do the dishes – let it be mentioned that it is (almost) always a friendly reminder. I on the other hand feel babied, annoyed and defiant. And I never imagined myself to be one of those people who argue about petty things like doing the dishes! But this is not the problem. The problem to be solved here is the habit of collecting and – with varied success – ignoring dirty dishes. With this introduction I present to you my various dish-problem-solving approaches which I will be trying out over the following two weeks:

  1. Clean the dishes while cooking and immediately after eating
  2. Do the dishes every morning or evening (whenever there is more time and/or energy available)
  3. Keep a bowl of soapy water by the sink
  4. Get my boyfriend to do the dishes
  5. Always clean out the dish rack immediately
  6. “Fun” dish washing supplies (Maybe I’ll find a glittering, glowing in the dark dishwashing liquid?)

I will leave the list at four (reasonable) suggestions at first, since I don’t think it would make sense to change the method every day.

Fish, sink, dishes, anyfin is possible, dishfish, (c)hannahhatos
In the meantime, please enjoy the Dish-Fish!

P.S.: I almost forgot to ask my very important question:

What are your takes on completing tasks nobody really wants to do?

5 thoughts on “The naked truth about Doing the Dishes

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment!
      You are right, we tried to split the household tasks evenly and he hates doing the dishes even more than me, so I got stuck with them!


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