Update on those Dishes

Doing the dishes either in the morning or in the evening was going so strong… Until it wasn’t anymore

Without further ado, I’m going to update you on my post about Doing the Dishes. So far, I tried methods 1 and 2:

  1. Clean the dishes while cooking and immediately after eating
  2. Do the dishes every morning or evening

The first method left me with a full sink just after two cooking sessions since my boyfriend often cooks and our kitchen is just too small to do the dishes during cooking if you are not cooking yourself. Furthermore, I had a cold and didn’t feel like getting up immediately after eating – in fact, I fell asleep again and awoke to a horrible headache and my cat licking my nose…

Of course, one could argue that method number 1 had a bad starting position in the big dish-race, but I remember trying it before and it didn’t work then either.

A little bit discouraged I went on to number 2 of my list. Everything was working out fine, but after a few days my cold came back (it was a really bad cold!), I had to work late and at home as well and my mornings are not suited to wash more than my morning coffee cup. Needless to say, I found numerous other reasons not to wash everything – or should I say anything?

I was left with a full sink again. A little annoyed with myself by now (why can’t I bring myself to do the damn dishes?) I decided to skip numbers 3 and 4. I argued that a bowl of soapy water equals a soapy sponge and the soapy sponge doesn’t encourage me to do the dishes at all – I even find it relatively disgusting to not wash out the sponge regularly… Perhaps I should give the soapy bowl a shot after all? But no, I’ve decided to try number 5 next (and I feel that I don’t need to explain why number 4 was utterly unrealistic to begin with).

dish rack, dishes, full, black wand white

Always clean out the dish rack immediately

I’ve got a strong feeling that this tip will do the trick. If I cleaned up the kitchen and the dish rack is immensely full – I am a Tetris master concerning stacking plates, pans and bowls – I always try to postpone doing the dishes the next time because it feels not just like one task but two. So, we’ll see how this trick works out for me. That advice is my last hope and there is no Yoda to tell me that there is another.

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