The 5 DIYs I’m working on

Everyone knows it – a ton of things on the To-Do-List and there are still those projects you never start working on. Try to get started now, just like me!

The question as to what I’m working on is a question that I ask myself a lot, since I have the habit of writing numerous to do lists for numerous tasks. For example, there is one list for university stuff, the one I have at my daytime job, my never ending household to-dos and of course my projects-list which is just in my head. I always thought if I would write it down, it would only depress me because I’d never get around to do anything of it. But now I am writing it down – for the first time!

  1. Fix the door between kitchen and living room
  2. Build a cat climbing wall
  3. Sew a patchwork blanket for myself
  4. Sew a dress and a nightgown
  5. Do something about the light situation in the bathroom – No! Screw this! Do something about the bathroom!

As you can see I’m rather big on the whole sewing stuff for myself and I thought of doing a vote-thing for which task I should finish first but while I am writing this I am currently drawing out plans for the cat-climbing-wall.

Because of this spontaneous inspiration I am going to announce the climbing wall as my monthly project for Febuary. I decidet to work on one of these projects each month – and finish it as well during this month! I will then post the results with instructions and announce which task I am going to tackle next. Of course I will update this list and once too much changes (around 3-5), I will be posting a new list to keep you updated!

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