3 DIY Valentine’s Cards

This is going to be a long post but please endulge me here for a bit. As Valentine’s day comes closer, so do the questions as to what I am planning. Since my boyfriend and I are both not very keen on going out on 14 February, I decided to surprise him with some DIY gift cards I plan on giving him throughout the day:

  • The first one is made out of wood as a voucher for a massage and I’ll be giving it to him in the morning.
  • The second one is a pop-up card made out of paper and contains a voucher for a dinner of his choice. This one I’ll hide in his backpack and tell him at noon where to find it.
  • The third card I’ll sew myself and write on it with special textile pens – yes, I ran out of materials! This is the one he’ll get in the evening and it will include a dinner voucher and some chocolates I’ll try to make myself.

Card No. One

For this card I used ice cream sticks I collected and dyed and then I used some left over felt for the writing that I already had at home. For this card you’ll be needing wood glue!

Card No. Two

This card was a bit tricky, but I did it! I mirrored the motive on and drew it on thick paper. Then I folded it in half and startet cutting the out the motive with a Stanley knife. I then glued the cut up paper onto another sheet of paper and tadaa – your self made pop up card is ready to go!

Okay, I’ll admit it, this looks like a five year old’s work. But to be fair, I’ve literally got two left hands when it comes to mirroring stuff!

Card No. Three

This one was the easiest of all three, I had all the materials I needed already at home and I know how to sew. I put some cardboard between the layers of cloth to give the card a bit more stability and wrote a nice poem on the inside with textile markers.

Sadly I was too tired to take pictures during the making of this card but I’ll make sure to update you with the final project!


I have to admit that I never made my own chocolate before. This idea was a full-blown disaster. Check out the post on Thursday about How to (not) make yor own Valentine’s Chocolates!

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