How (not) to make your own Valentine’s Chocolates

I’ve never tried making chocolate from scratch before, but I thought it would be nice and romantic to surprise my chocolate-loving-boyfriend with homemade chocolates.

Just as a heads up, the whole process was a disaster! At first, I didn’t get any cocoa butter. Only the last shop I went to had some and it was super expensive. “It doesn’t matter, you are doing this for the love of your life”, I thought. Boy, was I mistaken!

Since I decided to make vegan, sugar free chocolates, I bought organic cocoa butter, organic raw cocoa powder and birch sugar and something to sprinkle on the finished products. I won’t tell you what I paid for roughly 400g of chocolate, it was way too much by any means!

Following the recipe I found, I started to melt the chocolate in a water bath. Now, you have to understand that I had only two hours until my boyfriend would be home and the surprise would be ruined. It took ages for the butter to melt, but it did so eventually.

Cocoa butter, water bath, pot, stove
Cocoa Butter in water bath

I then proceeded to add the birch sugar. It did not melt. I was stressing out. I cranked up the heat and I want to say I cranked it up a bit but actually it was a lot. But the sugar started to finally melt – crisis averted!

Sugar (replacement) in the cocoa butter
Sugar (replacement) in the cocoa butter

I then took the mixture out of the water bath and mixed in the cocoa powder. Everything was looking good until I noticed that the mix was kind of grainy. “It will be fine once it’s tempered and set”, I tried to console myself. You see, I was quite disheveled by then!

Cocolate Mixture
Chocolate Mixture

Have you ever successfully tempered chocolate before? If you do please, for the love of god, tell me how it’s done! I stirred the chocolate for over an hour and it wasn’t tempered at all. Accepting my defeat, I just filled it in my makeshift forms and put them in the freezer.

Pouring chocolate into containers
Pouring chocolate into containers

After this disastrous process I didn’t want to try them and I was even less inclined to gift them to someone. But then my curiosity got the better of me and I tried one. Turns out, they taste okay. And they even look okay.

Finished chocolates – don’t look so bad after all!

So, the disaster wasn’t as bad as I’ve imagined it to be and the chocolates were at least gift-able. And since they’re not that bad, I’m posting my recipe for you guys:

Servings: ~400g | Time: 2 hours (probably less?) | Side: Sprinkles, Nuts, whatever you want to put on the chocolates

  1. Melt 200g of cocoa butter in a water bath
  2. Add 7 tbsp syrup or some other sugar replacement
  3. Once everything has melted take the bowl out of the water bath and add 130g of raw cocoa powder
  4. Temper the mixture
  5. Pour it into the containers you’ve set aside and put them in the fridge


  • Learn how to temper chocolate first.
  • If you use sugar or something with a similar texture, wait until it has melted completely (this was responsible for my grainy texture) or dissolve it in a bit of water first.
  • Get proper containers if you want your chocolates to look prettier than mine.
  • Look for cheaper ingredients than I did.
  • Again: Know how to temper first!

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