How to keep your sink empty – A clean rack does the job

As I discussed in my last posts about the Dishes, just getting started and updating you, I have considerable problems keeping my dishes clean and my sink empty.

Turns out, it would have been way easier and less stressful for me to start from the bottom of my list: Keeping the dish rack empty is what finally got me to do the dishes at least every two days, depending on how much we cooked and ate at home.

For one, I guess it’s a mind trick I am able to pull on myself: If I have to clean the rack out before doing the dishes, I consider it to be two tasks. But if I start with washing I somehow forget that putting the dishes away also has to be done.

On the other hand i’ve got the plus side of having an empty, clean and tidy kitchen after doing the dishes and not having to sit in a somewhat messy environment – as I mentioned before, my desk is in the kitchen.

So, finishing up this triple-post about dishes, sinks, boyfriends and cleaning, I sincerely hope to have helped you or at least that I entertained you.

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