7 Time-Saving Cleaning Habits

As we’ve established before, cleaning is tedious. But, there’s absolutely no way around it, if you want to have at least a semi-tidy house.

Dusting, vacuuming, picking up your trash and stuff behind yourself (and maybe others), doing the dishes, washing your clothes, the list goes on and on and on.

So, what are those mysterious cleaning-habits that save time? I’ve come up with seven life-hacks to make your days less cleaning and more fun!

#1 Clean as you go!

You’ve probably heard it before but cleaning up as you go is a lot easier than doing all the cleaning at once. Also, it saves time as I made a habit of cleaning something up when I go to another room in my apartment.

#2 Plan out and structure your cleaning

Having a structure as to what to clean when is also a proven method to save time – at least on weekends. I, for example, clean my bathroom on Monday, dust on Tuesday, vacuum on Wednesday, water my plants on Thursday and clean the toilet on Friday. This leaves me with only one or two tasks on the weekend and if I do my weekday-to-dos right after work I don’t really mind doing it and after I’m done, I’ll gladly relax. Look out our tips on creating a Cleaning Routine next week!

#3 Start from the top

As you saw in my weekday cleaning routine, I dust before I vacuum. That way I avoid having to clean the floor twice. This tip saves you time with a lot of tasks, as it also includes changing the sheets before dusting and vacuuming since your stuff gets dusty when you change your sheets.

#4 If scrubbing doesn’t work, try vinegar

I don’t want to know how much time I wasted scrubbing down stuff and then googling how to clean it only to find out, that vinegar is the solution to most of my problems. If vinegar won’t do the job, baking soda is your friend as well! I almost forgot: you have to use white vinegar!

#5 Supplies matter

Did you ever try to clean something without decent supplies? For example, my boyfriend didn’t have any cloths or rags for cleaning, so he either used non-absorbing, cheap dishtowels or just tissues. I’ll never forget the time and nerves I spent trying to clean the bathroom mirror first with toilet paper, then tissues and finally the dishtowels. Spoiler: nothing worked, tons of smears and in the end, I had to clean the sink again – rookie mistake; see tip #3 – because of all the tissue and toilet paper residue.

I’ll make sure to let you know when I think of more, but this list is currently saving me a lot of time and nerves. I truly hope that it helps you as well!

#6 Separate your clothes when you put them into the laundry basket

Besides numerous other household-tasks, I absolutely hate washing my clothes. Because of this my boyfriend and I agreed, that this would be his task. Turns out, he only has black clothes he washes with the same temperature. So, I’m left with the sorting. But since I hate that too, I figured why not separate our clothes when we take them off. I bought a laundry basket that allows separating clothes into three compartments which is more than enough for us – saves tons of time!

#7 Write it down!

You can’t imagine how often I find myself trying to clean something – see tip #4 – and then googling the problem anyways. Once I started writing everything down, I just have to take a look at my household-notebook if I happen to forget again.

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