February Project – No Cat Wall for y’all

As I announced at the start of February, I’m doing one of my DIY-Projects each month. February was dedicated to my Cat Climbing wall and let me tell you: this was an ordeal.

Screw the Nano-Aquarium – which is a project on its own – and screw intricate design. I discovered that I am neither equipped enough nor patient enough to complete a project like this in a months time and not having it look like shit.

The best thing I could do once I failed at measuring, sawing and screwing (not srewing up though, mind you!) was to bring the special forces in. My special forces include my sister, my dad and of course @julesgin!

Considering the substantial delay with this project, I decided to do something else instead to show you: A small farm house for a friend’s son who recently started collecting animal figurines.

But I’m not keeping you any longer, go ahead and check out the materials I used to build the farm (I had most of it already at home)! And below you’ll find the steps through the building process.

Shopping List:

  • 200 Ice cream sticks
  • Felt
  • Pieces of old fabric
  • Wooden skewers (like big Toothpicks)
  • Wood glue
  • Brush for the Wood glue
  • Scissors
  • A box to fit the farm in and use the lid as a roof afterwards

Building Steps:

Here you see Steps 2 & 3 executed in a semi-professional manner!

Step 1: Calculate how many sticks you want to use for each wall

Step 2: Lay out the sticks and glue the skewers on them in a right angle – this helps with stability afterwards! I used a wire cutter to shorten the skewers to the right length. You can see how I did it on the picture on the right (bad quality, I know!)

Step 3: Make sure you glue the pieces of fabric at the end of each wall to later connect them and give the farm stability. Also, try to leave enough space that you can fold the walls together later on. By putting the fabric between the sticks and the skewers the whole thing will hold up better.

Step 4: To build the fences, cut two sticks in half (for this I used the wire cutter as well) and glue them together like on the picture. For stability I glued the short pieces in between two whole sticks – this makes it a lot harder to break! If you cut the sticks in half more carefully than I did and are careful while glueing, you might not have to use the bottom stick at all!

Step 5: Sew or glue the felt pieces together as you like. I used a green one for grass and then made two sides – a yellow one for straw and a brown one for dirt. You can also use some blue felt for small water puddles, like I did. If you want to be able to change the layout of the ground, you could also use Velcro strips!

Look at how neatly it fits in the box even with all the fences!

Your Farm house is now finished!

Finished, open Farm house

Since the house can be used as a small cabin and as a big farm house, we decided to make a roof for the big, open version as well:

For the roof I used:

  • 2 sheets of thin cardboard
  • 2 sheets of felt
  • ~ 50 ice cream sticks
  • wood glue
  • all-purpose glue
  • elastic band
  • (watercolors to paint the cardboard before I glued the felt on because I reused the packaging of some deep-frozen dish and the felt is a little transparent)

Here you can see how I put it all together:

Almost finished roof! It’s just missing a few more ice cream sticks on the one side.

I tried to make it light enough so it wouldn’t crush the walls but still stable enough to survive young kids playing with it. For stabilization I ended up using some more ice cream sticks on each side.

What do you think?

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