Is it Women’s Day already?

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day. And to be completely honest, I forgot all about it until I opened my browser and Google kindly reminded me. I read through the slideshow they posted, which was really nice.

And while I enjoyed my morning coffee I got angry – as I do every year. And while I was simmering, I remembered my English teacher who is one of the people that made me the feminist I am today. And as I thought about her, I remembered a lot of other women that helped me become who I am now.

All of a sudden, my anger was gone. Sure, women’s day gets somewhat distorted when shops offer discounts for women and female coworkers are gifted flower bouquets. But I’ll always be glad for the women who influenced me and I’ll always be grateful to the women who fought so hard for the rights I enjoy now.

But for all that has happened in the past, there are still things that need to be done. And this is where we come in. As all the generations before us, Millennials also and still need to fight. Not only for all the women who still aren’t allowed to vote or decide over their own body and lives but for women everywhere who face inequality – be it social, economic or political – it depends on us to make change happen. So please, when celebrating women’s day, consider that we’re not quite done yet.

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