Make Dusting fun again

Dusting is just as any other cleaning related task – it is tedious, boring and annoying, but it has to be done. But does it really have to be boring, tedious or annoying? Let’s explore as to how to make it fun!

There are many ways to motivate yourself to clean, as we’ve already explored in previous posts about To-Do Lists, Creating a Cleaning Routine and Time Saving Cleaning Habits. Of course, I’ll keep you updated with the latest motivational and practical tips I can gather, but this post is about incorporating cleaning in something fun or turning it into your daily workout.

Dusting and Dancing

Dancing around the house with a feather duster is not only a cliché from 50ies ads and movies – it actually works! And you get your work-out done as well. Do I need to say more? Well, maybe I do: you’ll have to find out what makes you dance and want to clean. I’m planning on making a playlist for you guys, but it’s not done yet, so yours will have to suffice for now.

Not a dancer? Try other exercise
If you can’t dance or simply don’t enjoy it, incorporate your daily (ok, for me it’s more like weekly) exercise into dusting the house. If I have to bend down – for example while dusting the TV shelf – I do a squat. But be careful to do them right though, or you might do some serious damage to your knees! Another way is to do Push-Ups or Sit-Ups whenever you must pick something up. If you have to reach up high just do some Jumping Jacks and if you’re staying in one place for a bit just run in one place instead of just standing there.

Just lazy? Sing!
I get it, being too tired after a long day and then trying to squish a workout into your cleaning routine is horrible! If it’s one of those days and even getting up again after sitting down for dinner is a task by itself, I start to sing. Just as a heads up, I’m a really bad singer – I can’t strike the right note for the life of me (psst, it’s fun anyways). I also love to make up my own songs to melodies I know well, e.g. Lemon tree, which we sang in school a lot:

I’m living here, in a dirty flat.
It’s been another long workday
I’m wasting my time
I’ve got a lot to do
I’m hanging around
I’m about to start now
But I feel just too tired, now I’m dusting!
I’m dusting around in one room
I’m dusting so good
I’m dusting a lot
I’d like to change this melody
It’s getting boring
Singing to it
And everything is changing, and I’m dusting

You get the gist, pick a song and change the lyrics according to your task.

Not a singer? Make a game out of it!
If you’re neither inclined to do some exercise, dance, or sing – how could you? -, make a game of it. I love to invent small little games while dusting. One for example is looking for the dirtiest surface in my apartment and awarding it a price (usually the price is getting dusted extra thoroughly). Another game I love to play is sneaky dusting. I imagine I’m a spy or someone during a zombie infestation and I have to take out the enemies really sneaky. “Taking out the enemies” of course means dusting shelves.

As I’m rereading this post, I realize that there might be something wrong with me. But as whacky as it seems, it also works. Also, to justify myself at least a little, I’ve worked on a field pollinating and measuring corn plants. It gets lonely, spending 8 to 10 hours a day on a field, not being allowed music or not having anyone to talk to. So, the methods above were what I did to actually not lose my mind amidst thousands of corn plants. And I just realize that I still can’t eat corncobs to this day (it’s been 9 years by now).

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