Easy and Organic DIY Beauty Products

If you’re planning a beauty day with your friends or just want to do yourself some good with homemade, organic beauty products, you’ve come to the right place!

All in all, we’ve collected enough recipes to care for your whole body, head to toes:

  1. Deep hair conditioner
  2. Face mask
  3. Facial peeling
  4. Eye gel
  5. Body rub
  6. Foot (and leg) peeling

First off, there are some things to be said before we rush head on into our beauty adventure:

  • It’s going to be messy. Not all of it, true, but some things were so messy I ended up cleaning the shower three times afterwards.
  • It might me a bit smelly.
  • Apparently, there are some kinds of food that are so good for your hair and skin that you can basically smear them everywhere on your body (and most of the time on the inside as well!).
  • Sugar works well for a peeling rub but unless it’s (organic) raw sugar, it’s actually not that good for your skin. So, you might want to use salt instead, although the peeling won’t taste as good then.

Avocado, honey and egg yolk hair conditioner

Mash one avocado until its soft, then mix it with 2 tbsp of honey and one egg yolk (if you’re vegan just skip the egg yolk). Then add oil until you reach the right consistency. Make sure that you mash the avocado thoroughly, otherwise yours will be as lumpy and disgusting as yours. The lumpiness was the main cause from the screams coming out of the bathroom this night!

Avocado Egg Yolk Conditioner
It’s going to be messy (and really disgusting), so think twice if you actually want to have shiny, glossy hair 😉

Rejuvenating egg white facial mask

Egg white apparently has a very rejuvenating effect for your skin and makes you look visibly younger for a short period of time. Put the egg white on your face with a silicon brush or your fingers. Leave it until it’s dry and then wash it off again. We used the egg whites that were left over from the conditioner to not let them go to waste.

Ginger and honey facial peeling

Peel and grate the ginger. then mix it with the honey and add porridge oats until you reach a peeling-y consistency. If the oats are too hard on your face, just add some water to soften them up a bit. Since we had some avocado left, we decided to add some of it to our facial peeling as well. It was okay.

Aloe Vera and cucumber juice eye gel

To be totally honest with you, we cheated. This is the only thing we couldn’t make ourselves because we had no clue as how to make aloe vera gel, so we just bought some. Apart from that we mixed a cucumber and poured the juice through a strainer. Then we mixed the gel and the juice 1:2. Be careful that the gel doesn’t get too watery!

Coconut oil and sugar body rub

Mix a lot of coconut oil and a lot of sugar and 1 to 2 lemons until everything reaches the peeling-y/rub-y consistency you’re looking for. That’s it, this one was really easy!

Oil, sugar, lemon and ginger foot peeling

Peel and grate some ginger and add the juice of 1 to 2 lemons and oil. Then add sugar until everything reaches the…… (Do I really have to finish this sentence?)

That’s it, you’re done and good to go for your organic, homemade full-body beauty day! Have fun!

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