How to keep the Inside of your Cupboards clean

Next week, winter is officially over! In order to celebrate this, I decided to wash all my winter jackets and put them away, as I do every year. But, in the process of this, I noticed some serious chaos in my cupboards. And now I’m cleaning them out instead of washing my jackets and am wondering: what helps you keep them tidy and neat?


Almost everyone will tell you that if you put you stuff away in little boxes, the insides of your cupboards will never look messy. For me, this is a lie. Do you know how often I take something out of the boxes and don’t put it back in them until I clean the whole cupboard out? Way too many times. Also, it seems that my boyfriend is actively trying to not remember what is in which box so I found myself getting his shaving stuff, bandaids and medicine for him for half a year now.

Small seethrough boxes?

Maybe, if I used smaller boxes with less stuff in them, there’ll be no more chaos, I thought then. And if I used see through boxes, I’d avoid the constant asking as to what to find where. I tried this with exactly two boxes and it looks just as messy as it does without them! Also, too many small boxes and I won’t remember what to find where, I realized.

Embracing the chaos

In my desperation, I started to think that the chaos isn’t this bad and that I could just embrace it in order to save myself at least some nerves. Then I opened my DIY-cupboard and a load of cardboard and cloth hit me on my head. Embracing the chaos wasn’t an option after all.

The solution?

But then I found the solution to my problem: no boxes, no asking what to find wheere, nothing falling on my head! It is ideal for me and my boyfriend and we actually tried doing it for every other closet in the apartment together!

Shelf separators!

That way everything gets its allotted space and we see where it belongs but there’s no need to take out a box, open it and put everything away again. I’m really glad that I got this idea – that way I can finally start washing my jackets and embracing spring instead of chaos!


For those of you who ask themselves why I don’t use drawers (and I agree with you, they are an even more ideal solution to keeping things neat!): Ain’t nobody got money for that? Truth is, I’m not in the financial situation to buy new furniture just to save some nerves once in a while!

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