The 7 Steps for Window Cleaning

Spring is arriving – or at least the calendar says it’s here. Now it’s time to start the spring-cleaning – and, of course, numerous other spring activities!

Cleaning the windows is probably my least favourite task during my spring-cleaning session. Sure, sorting out clothes, washing winter jackets, cleaning out your wardrobe and wiping everything down are tedious as well, but cleaning the windows is just so exhausting. And there is nothing worse than having cleaned them and finding smears all over them.

But enough complaining, it’s time to get started!

First things first, what do you need?

  1. A bucket filled with warm water and some detergent mixed in – I like to use either window cleaner or just an all-purpose cleaner
  2. A bucket filled with warm water
  3. 6-12 microfiber cloths, depending on how much windows you intend to clean. I clean 3 windows and for each window I need 3 cleaning cloths
  4. Window cleaner and/or all-purpose detergent
  5. If you tend to get rashes from detergents use gloves!
  6. Warm water to refill the bucket

Instead of microfiber cloths you can also use ordinary rags. When I sort out old clothes, I always cut the cotton clothes up into rags – they make very good window-cleaning-rags! Some people are adamant that chamois leather is very useful as well, I’ve never used it though.

Secondly, does the weather matter?

In short, yes, it does! Turns out, light sunshine is optimal for cleaning windows. I feel that I needn’t explain why rain is suboptimal. But why not do it on a sunny day? That way you can see if the windows are clean? This is not a good idea because the sun might cause your detergent to dry too quickly and leave smears on your windows and the sun might blind you during cleaning.

Thirdly, how to actually clean your windows?

  1. Remove anything that might hinder you on your quest
  2. Set aside an outside cloth, an inside cloth and a final touch cloth
  3. Start cleaning the outsides of the windows with the outside cloth by wetting it in the bucket and wiping the windows down. Once you’ve finished the outside of one window immediately wipe it down with just water from the water bucket, that way you reduce the smears.
  4. After you’ve cleaned the outsides, empty the buckets, rinse them and fill them up again with warm water and detergent to one of them
  5. Clean the insides of your windows the same way you’ve cleaned the outsides
  6. Get your window cleaner, spray it on the inside of your windows and wipe it down immediately. I do all the insides first and then all the outsides, but they should be clean enough by now that either way will be fine.
  7. Check for smears – if you find any, just use the window cleaner and a new, clean cloth to wipe them away.

If the water gets to dirty just empty the bucket, rinse it and fill it up again. Make sure you rinse the bucket properly, otherwise the dirt might stay in the bucket and the water will be dirty from the beginning! Same holds for the cloths – if they get too dirty just get a new one, otherwise you’ll just spread the dirt.

I’ve always cleaned my windows like this. There might be more efficient or easier ways to do it but I think once you have a routine it makes up for lack of efficiency.

Of course, there are also fancy tools for cleaning your windows but living with limited space and financial resources, I decided not to get them. Furthermore, I like my method – it allows me to space out for a day and clear up my head as well as my appartment.

2 thoughts on “The 7 Steps for Window Cleaning

  1. Thank you for the awesome window cleaning tips! This is a great reminder for me to actually clean my windows (and the blinds/curtains!!). I also never would have thought about needing the right weather to clean windows, that is a good idea!

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