Cat Wall after all

I did it! But it’s a different kind of Cat Wall as you might have guessed already. It is designed to keep the pidgeons out and the cat in (don’t worry I didn’t make either of them pay for it nor build it themselves!).

So, I decided to finally let my cat out on the balcony and take the flowers out. But to accomplish this, I had to build a frame for my cat net first, since my little friend gets a tad agitated when confronted with flying stuff.

To be honest, my boyfriend was the one too concerned that the net won’t hold up the way it was fixed before, so I thought “why not build a frame to keep her in and the pidgeons out?”.

On Friday, I went to the store to buy

  • 4 Wooden planks (4.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 3 m)
  • Saw
  • (Cavity) dowels and screws (before you get the screws check the depth of the wooden planks and add that to the length of the screws)
  • Flat washers (I dont know whether this is the right word, I had to google it. Anyways I’m talking about those small metal plates you put between screws and the stuff you are putting the screw in)
  • Small screws to fix the net to the frame and to fix the ANGLES
  • Wood glue

At home I got all the other things I’d be needing as well:

  • Battery drill
  • Tape measure
  • drilling machine

Then I set on to build the frame!

  1. Cut up the planks with 45° angles at the edges
  2. Put wood glue on the edges and fix the together with the WINKEL and the smaller screws (be careful as to where you fix them, the WINKEL might stand out a bit and mess with your measurements!)
  3. Check if the frame fits
  4. Fix the net to the frame using the flat washers and small screws – I decided to do it like a canvas
  5. Check if the frame still fits (okay, I got a bit nervous there sonce our walls are not exactly what you’d consider straight)
  6. Make holes in the wood where you want to screw the frame to the wall in the end (I decided to make 10 holes total and that those would hold)
  7. Fit the frame again and mark the wall through the holes in the wood
  8. Take the frame out (again…)
  9. Drill holes into the wall and put in the dowels
  10. Put the frame in for the last time and screw it to the wall with those (extra) long screws you bought.

It really wasn’t that hard, the steps not so difficult and my cat loves it! Anyways, I’m not keeping you any longer, go ahead and check out the (few) pictures I took during the process:

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