The Cat starts shedding and I start fretting

Cats are a blessing. Even though they mainly vomit on your favourite blanket, sometimes piss in your bed and sometimes shovel their poop out of the toilet to play with it (I’m looking at you, Zizi), I can’t stop adoring them. But one of the worst things are the hairs.

As soon as my cat starts shedding, I get really nervous and itchy. Okay, the itch might actually come from the cat hair all over my clothes and body. And of course I tried to keep her off of the clean clothes, but apart from the fact that it is impossible to keep a cat from anything she really wants, our washing machine can’t handle all that hair.

So, unless I’m willing to look like I bought a real fur coat and fur sweatshirt and fur pants – in short, a whole fur outfit -, I’m stuck rubbing Velcro curlers on every surface until I’m cat hair free. By the way, this will only last until I put on my backpack, since it seems to be one of her favourite “beds”.

I’m not a fan of the constant Velcro-rubbing, since it is tedious, I always miss hairs everywhere and my boyfriend and I seem to accidentally hide the roller every time we use it. There must be something better.

Brush your cat

Of course, brushing seems to be a good way out of the endless hair-Velcro-hair-rubbing-circle we’re stuck in. And I’m sure that you’ll find this method really effective unless you have a cat that is as stubborn as mine. For a few strokes with the brush she enjoys it, but then she apparently starts hallucinating the brush as her prey. No more brushing for now and an overexcited cat to boot – great.

Electric Attraction

Try using rubber gloves to get her hairs before she sheds them on you, they said. Nope. It’s not working. My cat seems to be dead-afraid of pink and yellow and gloves. She won’t let me near her with those monster petting tools.

Oh – wait – I’ve misinterpreted that tip. Electric Attraction actually works on surfaces. But to be honest, I haven’t got the time to rub all my clothes with a balloon before I put them away. But it works really well with the sofa and carpet!

What now?

What seems to be a loss in the fight against the cat hair, actually wasn’t that disastrous. I learned some useful things during my research:

  • My cat doesn’t like gloves
  • My cat likes the brush for a minute tops
  • Electric attraction works like a charm when you want to get cat hair out of fabrics
  • Keeping the cat away from my clothes in combination with the electric attraction and one minute (tops!) of brushing a day keeps the hair-situation at bay

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