About Cook Clean Work

So, what is this all about? It has been a long time since I first considered starting a blog, simply to motivate myself to do something productive. If I remember correctly, I read about it on someone else’s blog as a motivational tip.

But still, the question as to what to write about remained unanswered for a while. That ist, until I disvocered the article about Millenial Burnout by Anne Helen Petersen and hidden in the depths of this essay I found a link to a Comic Strip by Emma which captures the difficulties about being “forced” into the role of the household manager.

With these two pieces the idea of writing about my own struggles concerning the various difficulties of working, householding and – not to be forgotten – living as an adult was born.

On this page you will find tips, stories, anecdotes, recipies and other things based on our personal experience in three main categories: Cooking, Cleaning and Working. The additional category Everything and Anything will cover – you probably guessed it – all kinds of topics that don’t fit anywhere else from adulting to zonking out after an exhausting day.
These categories, however, are not written in stone and will be revised

I wish you a lot of fun reading, cooking, cleaning and working!